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Právě je středa, 30.listopadu 2022, 4:33 hod.
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DENIS 2022-11-25 10:04:10
The pause of tasks will continue until January // La parada de tareas se mantendrá hasta enero Nové okno
Dear volunteers,
Due to work overload in other projects we will not be able to restart sending tasks until January. Sorry that this break is taking longer than expected, we want to get back as soon as possible.

All the best,


Estimados voluntarios:
Debido a sobrecarga de trabajo en otros proyectos no vamos a poder relanzar el envío de tareas hasta enero. Disculpad que esta pausa esté siendo más larga de lo esperada, queremos volver cuanto antes.

Un saludo,

Universe 2022-11-25 06:19:16
Maintenance break Nové okno
As I inform recently in other topic we have planned maintenance break for CAMK power transform replacement on this weekend.
Our server will be switched off today (25.11) till Monday, 28.11.

I hope this change will go smoothly and we come back to normal work on Monday morning/afternoon.

SRBase 2022-11-24 11:31:58
Downtime on Friday Nové okno
There will be a downtime tomorrow for some updates and an undervolting test.
The PBO limit is too high and must be changed in BIOS. The CPU is reaching 95°C easily under heavy load which is not good.

Iam expecting 1h for stresstest. The server will not be available at this time.

yoyo 2022-11-23 00:00:00
OGR-28 has finished Nové okno
After 8.5 years the project has finished and proven that the previously predicted ruler is optimal. That previously known ruler has the following marks: 0 3 15 41 66 95 97 106 142 152 220 221 225 242 295 330 338 354 382 388 402 415 486 504 523 546 553 585BOINC volunteers computed roughly 25% of the search space.See the full distributed.net statement here.

WEP-M+2 2022-11-22 09:41:01
P2203:230000000 wu's (of 10000 trials each equiv.) processed! Nové okno
Thanks to all the users. Please keep crunching!

RakeSearch 2022-11-21 21:27:06
Processing of the square # 19 completed Nové okno
Dear participants, processing of the square # 19 is fully completed! The square:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B
1 2 0 4 5 3 8 6 7 B 9 A
2 0 1 5 3 4 7 8 6 A B 9
8 7 6 9 B A 1 0 2 5 4 3
7 6 8 B A 9 2 1 0 3 5 4
B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
5 3 4 1 2 0 B 9 A 7 8 6
9 B A 6 8 7 4 3 5 1 0 2
A 9 B 7 6 8 3 5 4 0 2 1
4 5 3 0 1 2 9 A B 8 6 7
3 4 5 2 0 1 A B 9 6 7 8
6 8 7 A 9 B 0 2 1 4 3 5

has 1228403532 orthogonal mates which would puts it on the 4th place of the rating, but another square - #17 already placed on it with equivalent number of orthogonal mates! This is very unexpected because each of the squares is a separate canonical form and cannot be converted into another square by M-transformations. But one square can be transformed into another square by rows and columns permutations. Usually this permutations break the diagonality of squares, but not in this case! Very interesting finding!

Now whole spectra of ODLS-12 globally looks like this (one point is not a single number):

Thank you for participation and donation of CPU Time!

Asteroids 2022-11-20 21:04:38
New FMA application released Nové okno
We are happy to present you another set of applications that will utilize those CPUs, which possess the FMA instruction set!

It was built to support both Linux and Windows OS with 64bit architecture.
What must be taken into account with these applications is that depending on the CPU architecture, generation, model, version, speed and number of utilized cores, in some cases the FMA applications may run slower than the corresponding AVX ones because of how those instructions are handled on different architectures, details that I'll not going further here as there is a lot of information on Internet. Also, there could be another case using even the same FMA application. For instance, there could be a situation where on the same particular system, having your preferences restrict the use of just a single core of, let's say, an Intel(R) Xeon(R) W Processor Xeon W-2195 of the Skylake-W Architecture, that single core will run much faster, close to processors' Turbo frequency of 4.3GHz, than if your configuration allows the client to utilize let's say 12 or more cores. In the second case those cores will run close to the processors' base frequency of 2.3GHz, depending on their actual number, which will result drastically in lowering of the application performance. Take a look at this article where under the "Per Core Turbo Data" chapter you will find explanation about how the Turbo ratio limits works.

Still, while the Boinc server is capable of finding the best performed application for every particular system, taking into account multiple factors, and after a while it will start sending the right one for every particular system. Which means that even if your CPU is equipped with the FMA engine it still might receive an AVX tasks and there is nothing to be concerned.

So happy crunching and thank you for your support!

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)

Asteroids 2022-11-20 21:03:31
New CUDA application released Nové okno
We are happy to present you our latest CUDA application v102.16!

It was built on top of CUDA's v11.8 SDK and thus it will be able to utilize the vast majority of cards with Compute Capabilities (CC) between 5.0 till 8.9 adding support for the Ampere & Ada Lovelace micro architecture, and all the Tegra & Jetson modules.
Of course, it comes with its own requirements for the driver's versions, depending on your architecture, as those before it.
In order your client to be able to receive it your computer must have one of the following Nvidia driver versions installed:

  • For Linux x86_64 and Linux AArch64 >= 450.80.02
  • For Windows x86_64 >= 452.39


Here is the list of supported by the v102.16 application GPUs by their CC provided by Nvidia.

So happy crunching and thank you for your support!

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)

WEP-M+2 2022-11-19 12:51:04
12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project... Nové okno
...384497 times - still no sign of any larger factors

SRBase 2022-11-17 17:12:46
base R241 Megaprime Nové okno
KySU found a megaprime for base R241.
The prime 14772*241^485468-1 has 1.156.398 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

SiDock 2022-11-17 14:24:51
BOINC Census 2022, be counted! Nové okno
The BOINC Census is a yearly effort aimed at finding out who uses BOINC, what they like about it, and what changes they want to see in the future. Filling out the census is a great way to support this project, the wider BOINC community, and have your input heard for future bug bounties. The census is sponsored by the Science Commons Initiative, and the results will be published in an aggregate, anonymized fashion at the completion of the census. Please take 5 minutes to fill out the census at https://app.fillout.com/flow/esDGuRswWfus

SiDock 2022-11-17 14:21:56
Target 21: corona_TMPRSS2_v1 Nové okno
Dear Participants,

TMPRSS2 is a type II transmembrane protease with broad expression in epithelial cells of the respiratory and gastrointestinal human tracts. It is a cofactor in SARS-CoV-2 entry, and primes viral proteins. Namely, TMPRSS2 cleaves the viral Spro to expose the fusion peptide for cell entry. We are therefore examining TMPRSS2 as a promising strategy to block viral infection in a host-directed therapeutic and/or prophylactic manner. This work is also a a part of larger viral-host protease inhibition study campaign.

With best wishes,
Team SiDock@home

Asteroids 2022-11-15 13:30:28
Server is up and running again Nové okno
Hi everyone,

Server is finally up and running again after more than a year of being down. Everything is migrated to a new server and we hope it will run smoothly for a long time. There are still some minor issues but nothing crutial and all minor tweeks will be done during the time.
I would also like to thank to Georgi Vidinski who has helped with solving some problems.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)

PrimeGrid 2022-11-14 07:35:59
WW Project to End Soon Nové okno
Within the next month or two, the WW project will reach the limit of the software, and the project will shut down. Details and discussion can be found here.

SRBase 2022-11-11 11:25:05
Boinc formula 2022 11.11.2022 02:00 (utc) - 14.11.2022 01:59 (utc) Nové okno
The project was choosen. Nearly all apps were replaced by llr2.

Good luck everyone!

SRBase 2022-11-06 09:31:55
base R70 Megaprime Nové okno
KySU found a megaprime for base R70.
The prime 5468*70^864479-1 has 1.595.053 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

SRBase 2022-10-31 08:37:15
base R268 Megaprime Nové okno
IDEA, a member of the team Idea Digital Imaging found a megaprime for base R268.
The prime 291*268^452750-1 has 1.099.341 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

YAFU 2022-10-29 19:47:32
Aliquot sequence 78^82 has terminated!!! Nové okno
Aliquot sequence 78^82 has terminated!!!

yoyo 2022-10-29 00:00:00
OGR-28 99.8% finished Nové okno
After 3,174 days, the OGR-28 project has finished and douple checked 99.8% of it's search space. The project will finish in the next days.

SiDock 2022-10-25 01:25:21
Temporarily work unavailabilities Nové okno
Dear participants, after sending last tasks for target 20 (corona_DHODH_v1) we will start the experiment with one of already processed targets but with new parameters. Results for this tasks will be large and we will slow down the creation of new tasks for reducing load on network infrastructure. Often there will be no tasks.

Thank you for project support!


Thanks to David Vignoni for graphics and inspiration.

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