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Právě je pondělí, 3.srpna 2015, 21:05 hod.
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Leiden Classical 2015-08-03 00:00:00
Project News 3 august 2015 Nové okno
Today the server hardware was upgraded.

PrimeGrid 2015-08-02 22:10:40
Perseid Shower Challenge starts August 10th 18:00:00 UTC Nové okno
The night sky can offer some wonderful sights, like distant stars and planets, the milkyway but also meteor showers. The perseids are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. To celebrate this wonderful sight, PrimeGrid is running a challenge on the Riesel Problem Sieve subproject. It will start on 10 august 2015 at 18:00 UTC and will run until 12 august 2015, 18:00 UTC. We hope to welcome many of you in this fun challenge and if you have any questions or just want some banter, please do join us in this thread on our forums.

Bitcoin Utopia 2015-08-02 09:44:21
C #13 work generation might end soon Nové okno
Campaign #13 (Keep4eveR) work generation might end soon.


SRBase 2015-08-01 11:54:29
64GB RAM upgrade tomorrow (complete) Nové okno
I will install the RAM tomorrow and running some config tests including updates. The downtime will take around 30min+.

YAFU 2015-07-29 21:05:07
57 sequences left Nové okno
57 aliquot sequences left which needs to run until a size of 130 is reached. In the meantime sequence 267102 finished.

Virtual LHC 2015-07-29 13:40:13
Job offer: Studentship to work on WebAPI technology Nové okno
The MCnet organization (http://www.montecarlonet.org) is offering a 3 month studentship to work on developing the CernVM_WebAPI technology currently being tested in the CERN Summer Computing Challenge. Anyone registered for a PhD in experimental or theoretical particle physics may apply.

For more details, please see: http://www.montecarlonet.org/index.php?p=Residency/outreach&sub=ShortTermStudentships&m=lhcathome

SRBase 2015-07-28 18:05:58
64GB RAM ordered Nové okno
Iam expecting to get the RAM later next week to upgrade the server.

Virtual LHC 2015-07-27 14:54:13
CERN Summer Computing Challenge - beta testers please Nové okno
Late last year we ran the first CERN Public Computing Challenge to test several new technologies for volunteer computing. Now we are preparing the Summer 2015 edition. We've made many improvements so it needs some final testing and we believe that the T4T community is ideal for this. To help us, just point a Web browser to the URL http://test4theory.cern.ch/vlhc or go to the Challenge website http://test4theory.cern.ch/challenge and click "JOIN NOW" and "START COMPUTING".

What's new this Summer?

The new VM has several advanced features:
(1) It uses micro-CernVM which boots faster than CernVM, and it uses the new DataBridge to get jobs faster than CoPilot.
(2) it runs up to 4 simultaneous jobs. If you offer n <= 4 CPU's it opens n Linux containers and runs them all inside your single VM.
(3) It supports jobs coming from multiple projects, not just Test4Theory jobs, so there's an entirely new credit system included called "Credit-Piggy" which collects your credits from all projects into your personal piggy-bank.

To begin with we will be running standard jobs from the Test4Theory project with all results going to the MCPlots database. If you click on the small "BOINC" button at the bottom of the WebAPI page and set your BOINC T4T user ID, then in addition to your Piggy credits you will also collect MCPlots stats for your Billionaire's Club, etc.

Also note: the old Challenge VM was a copy of the current Test4Theory 32 bit CernVM image. The new one is 64bits which means you MUST have VT-x or AMD-V enabled! For help on this see: http://www.cern.ch/ben/64bit-VTX.html

More information and hints.
For more detailed testing information please go to: http://www.cern.ch/ben/Challenge-webapi-hints.html

Please give your feedback initially on this Message Board thread.

Thanks to everyone for supporting T4T and looking forward to your help and interest for our future developments.

The T4T and Challenge teams

CSG 2015-07-27 03:31:26
[wildife] blue winged teal videos available again Nové okno
Looks like the conversion has caught up! Let me know if you're still seeing problems with not being able to see videos. If so, please let me know the video name and the webpage on which the error occurred. thanks!

CSG 2015-07-27 03:29:27
[climate] validation update Nové okno
So on working on the validator, it looks like Lindsey and I had a little miscommunication about how things were to work. So as now it stands, each tweet is only being viewed once. You can probably see how difficult this makes it to test the validator (we have no duplications to compare).

So to put a snag in the wheel, I fly from Albany to DC at 5:30 am and have a meeting tomorrow with the FAA on another research project. Wednesday I finally fly back to grand forks. So i'll be working on updating how the tweet watching webpage grabs and stores tweets so we get multiple views of the same tweet and then can start to validate things.

After that is when we get to the fun part of trying to see what all really is going on in this mess of tweets. Thanks again for your patience as these snags happen, and to your continued support!

CSG 2015-07-27 03:25:22
[wildlife,climate] updates to badges! Nové okno
Ok, and here they are:

Quint Bronze badge - 52 weeks (31.449.600 seconds)
Quint Silver badge - 56 weeks (33.868.800 seconds)
Quint Gold badge - 60 weeks (36.288.000 seconds)
Quint Amethyst badge - 64 weeks (38.707.200 seconds)
Quint Turqoise badge - 68 weeks (41.126.400 seconds)
Quint Saphire badge - 72 weeks (43.545.600 seconds)
Quint Jade badge - 76 weeks (45.964.800 seconds)
Quint Emerald badge - 80 weeks (48.384.000 seconds)

Btw: why are the badges on the badge list listed from high to low? It should be the other way. ;-)
Matter of taste I guess...

Those look great! The order was just how it was coded. Should be very easy to flip!

Constellation 2015-07-26 15:51:58
Server down for reinstall & relocation Nové okno
The server will go down for a reinstallation on a new hardware and moving the server into a new datacenter. We're back in about 2 weeks.

CSG 2015-07-24 23:13:13
[wildilfe] video watching validator back up and running Nové okno
Does this reconversion still goes on?
Some of my teal videos are still not watchable on the review page...

Still going on. Up to 265/311, and after that it should start having new videos to watch.

We're also working on a faster method for doing the conversion (using the campus high performance computing cluster) so hopefully we'll get that up and going soon to really speed things up.

MilkyWay 2015-07-23 14:49:42
Fix for stderr.txt Truncation and Validation Errors Nové okno
Hey Everyone,

BOINC has released a new version of the BOINC client (7.6.6) which fixes a known bug causing ~3% validation errors on MilkyWay@home and other projects. Please update your clients soon to fix this issue. For more info please see my thread in number crunching here.

Jake W.

QCN 2015-07-23 14:09:05
If You're Having Trouble Connecting Since the Big Move to CalTech.... Nové okno
Some people are having trouble connecting -- this is probably due to the operating system (it seems to mostly be a Windows problem) caching the old qcn.stanford addresses, and not liking the forwarding to qcn.caltech (probably a "safety feature" in Windows). You can try doing a "Reset Project" in the BOINC Manager program to see if that will correct things. If not, you may have to do a more drastic "Remove Project" and then "Attach Project" to our new URL: http://qcn.caltech.edu/sensor You may want to first go to the "Your Account" page at the website to make sure you know which email address you used, and find/recover your password information as you will need this to login again.

Moo 2015-07-22 20:48:44
Fresh work available! Come get yours! Nové okno
Keymaster is back online, at least temporarily pending more hardware replacements, so we are now generating fresh work for your hungry computers. Come get some and get your crunch on!

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this extended work outage due to upstream keymaster hardware failure.

yoyo 2015-07-22 00:00:00
OGR: new work available Nové okno
The distributed.net central key master is back online and our personal proxy fills with stubs. The workunit generator is now able to produce fresh OGR workunits.

SRBase 2015-07-21 11:05:22
database locked (fixed) Nové okno
I have restarted the server and all is going normal. The upload is also working again. The file upload handler caused the problem.

POGS 2015-07-21 02:06:17
Run out of Galaxies Nové okno
We've run out of galaxies to process at the moment. More are on the way.

CSG 2015-07-20 18:57:45
[dna] credit issue update Nové okno
I've put in a fix for the DNA credit issue and started things back up. Sorry about the problem and downtime!

No problem for points.
We are interested in science, so hope the work is not lost

Nope, not a problem with lost work at all. :)


Thanks to David Vignoni for graphics and inspiration.

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