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Právě je čtvrtek, 31.července 2014, 9:23 hod.
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POGS 2014-07-31 07:33:18
Pause in Galaxies Nové okno

The team-join failures seem to be unrelated but there does appear to be an issue with the way BOINC is handling SSL certs that we are investigating.


Is this why my new cell phone is getting an account verification error when trying to connect it? It's definitely not a password problem, double, triple, and even quadruple checked the login info, and even did a password reset here to exactly what the password should be, and what I was putting in for the login. All results in the same error, on the new cell, all the login details verified to not contain typoes or anything of the sort.

SETI Beta 2014-07-31 01:47:48
Astropulse 7,00 released for Linux 32&64, Win 32&64, Win32+AMD/NVIDIA/Intel GPU Nové okno
@Zalster :
Your issue has been recorded.
Could we wait few days until others with similar GPU have finished at least a wu, before analysing your problem(s) ?

Just one observation which may eventually help. There's a very strong pattern of each restart running 1.8018 percent before hitting an error. That's exactly two large dm chunks.
And that means main loop deallocation/FFA buf allocation/deallocation/allocation mainloop buf/deallocation/allocation FFa buf... and only then failure. Full round passed.
I had issues with buf reallocation on early NV drivers on Windows. Maybe "USE_OPENCL_NV_PEDANTIC" buuild should be tried again...

Here is a list of hosts with similar low-end NV GPUs and MacOSX, which have APv7 wus assigned, reported or/and validated :

Radioactive 2014-07-31 00:48:48
Project server changed Nové okno
In last few hours we moved Radioactive@Home server to another dedicated machine. Everything should go back to life in next few hours...

NFS 2014-07-30 23:54:23
New Windows x64 v5 app deployed Nové okno
Other than 5.1.10, 16e Lattice Sieve 5.1.11 transfers the CPU time into the runtime, when no runtime is given. Imo. this is an improvement.

Bitcoin Utopia 2014-07-30 22:30:44
cgminer-test app needs fast ASIC machines for testing Nové okno
We made some 256 share workunits (15 kilocobblestones) for cgminer-test application. We are testing if Peercoin-only mining makes ASIC machines to work without hangups. Multipool.us has the port 3335 for peercoin-only mining and it should not be using vardiff but constant share difficulty. Let's see if everything works!

This is the commandline parameter for cgminer-test app: --quota 88;stratum+tcp://us-east.multipool.us:3335 -u bu_kampanja1.SHA256 -p x --quota 12;stratum+tcp://us-east.multipool.us:3335 -u bitcoinutopia.2 -p x --shares 256 --load-balance --text-only --no-submit-stale --failover-only


SETI Beta 2014-07-30 15:02:36
Astropulse 6.07 for MacOS/X64 with NVIDIA and ATI/AMD GPUs released Nové okno
So we have moved on to AP v7.01 for the MACOS with support for all of the GPUS. Here is the link


I unattached, removed and then reattached and have been running under the new version. So I guess it make sense to close this thread now since we are all on v7. TBar, they both run in about 12-15 hours (the time reported is inaccurate since I have the laptop sitting at one end of the desk and can see when it started) Even with that, it is much quicker than it used to be. Interesting is that of the 2 APs that I have run so far,they still have all those errors that I can see in the stderr report but they validate, weird. I'll post in the other thread and see what they think.


Rosetta 2014-07-30 09:00:00
Project News Jul 30, 2014 Nové okno
We are aware of significant network slow-down between the subnet upon which our servers sit and the Internet beyond the UW campus. We are working with the UW's Network Operations team to pinpoint the cause. We apologize for the frustration caused. -KEL

MilkyWay 2014-07-29 18:21:05
New Separation Runs Nové okno
I am working my way through the data for the South Galactic Cap and am posting new runs. If you see large error rates let me know I will be watching them as they start to catch anything major. de_85_DR8_8_3_00001 de_85_DR8_8_3_00002 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00001 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00002 Thanks Jeff

PrimeGrid 2014-07-27 23:59:28
Genefer 3.2.2 released Nové okno
The latest version of Genefer, v. 3.2.2, has been released and is live for both short and World Record tasks. Some notable changes: 1) The OpenCl and CPU apps are significantly faster than the previous versions. 2) It is likely that the OpenCL app is now faster than the CUDA app on any Nvidia GPU, but especially on newer (Kepler or later, 6xx or newer) GPUs. On the app selection page, the OpenCL app now appears before the CUDA app. NOTE: On Nvidia cards, the OpenCL driver hogs a CPU core. If you have an Nvidia GPU, you may chose between the faster app (OpenCL) or that app that uses very little CPU (CUDA). 3) The CPU app now supports the FMA3 instructions on Intel Haswell CPUs, which makes them even faster. 4) The bug in the Mac ATI app has been fixed. Please see this thread for more information and discussion.

SAT 2014-07-27 06:50:00
Four a5_1_114_* instances solved Nové okno
Instance a5_1_114_1 solved by Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream and Stanley A Bourdon from BOINC Synergy.

Instance a5_1_114_2 solved by Phil Klassen from Canada and evatutin from kvt.kurskstu.

Instance a5_1_114_3 solved by NotANumber (without team) and Oleg Zaikin [SAT@home] from Crystal Dream.

Instance a5_1_114_4 solved by toest from TSC! Russia and Winer from BOINC RUSSIA.

PrimeGrid 2014-07-27 01:15:24
PRPNet August Challenge Nové okno
Grand Cleanup Walk PRPNet Challenge A seven day challenge on the GCW Prime Search is being held from 1st till 8th of August, starting and ending at 12:00 UTC. The Generalized Cullen/Woodall Prime Search was originally only for base 13. Now it has extended to several bases. Its currently searching for Generalized Cullen primes n*b^n + 1 for bases 41, 47, 49 and 53. If you haven't tried PRPNet now's the time to give it a try. More about the GCW Search can be found here. News and infos about the PRPNet client can be found here. To take part, you have to activate the following lines in prpclient.ini: server=GCW:100:1:prpnet.primegrid.com:12004 Discussion and more information can be found here: 2014 PRPNet August Challenge. Good luck!

CAS 2014-07-25 09:45:40
CAS@home maintenance period Nové okno
IHEP Computer Center enters the annual maintenance period starting from 25th July, and finishes at 30th July. The CAS@home server will be shutdown during this period!
Thanks for your understanding!

RNA World (beta) 2014-07-24 14:16:57
New regular-sized WUs available Nové okno
Excellent information. Thank you both!

ATLAS 2014-07-24 04:29:02
enabled BOINC wide team Nové okno
The BOINC wide team feature is enabled, so users with the same email address registered to teams through other projects can be imported to the old teams automatically.

ATLAS 2014-07-24 03:35:15
reduce disk_bound from 15GB to 5GB Nové okno
disk_bound(required disk space for each job slot) was previously set to an aggressive value of 15GB, and it caused trouble to a lot of clients. Based on the estimation of previous jobs, we reset this value to 5GB which means each job slot will require maximum 5GB harddisk space.
Related Thread

Sorry for the caused inconvenience!

ATLAS 2014-07-22 18:49:42
High memory jobs incorrectly submitted to BOINC clients Nové okno
We incidentally discovered that at regular time intervals, a few high memory ATLAS test jobs were also submitted to BOINC causing several issues on the client side. The submission of these pathological jobs has been canceled.

We apologise for the inconveniences caused.

LHC 2014-07-22 17:40:43
Power Supply Ripple Nové okno
Asequesed and for your information Miriam has described her recent studies as follows: A principal component of the planned upgrade to a high luminosity LHC (HI-LHC) is the replacement of the high field quadropole magnets - the so called "inner triplet". The long term beam stability can be significantly reduced by magnetic field errors, miasalignment of the magnets and by irregularities in the power supply (ripple). The recent batch of fifteen or so studies, involving over one and a half million cases or Work Units each of one million turns (for a stable beam), are aimed at determining the maximum allowable tolerances for the power supply ripple assuming the known field and alignment errors.

LHC 2014-07-22 17:38:21
More on DOWNLOAD Nové okno
After running through the w- WUs I am now running a few test jobs as I think the WUs may have been OK. I cannot reproduce the problem (of course!) at CERN on my Windows 7 system. Eric.

Rioja Science 2014-07-22 13:04:28
Only venus_beta tasks Nové okno
Hi all. At this moment only venus_beta tasks has been sent. We want to check the amount of data involved in these tasks because some problems were detected in the previous tests. Best, R.

Albert 2014-07-22 11:44:36
Here we go again: Drupal migration now scheduled for July 28th Nové okno
Hi everyone,

After ironing out all kinks caused by the server code upgrade aftermath, we think that we're now finally in a position to migrate our website (albert) to Drupal. The original announcement can be found in this thread (it's still applicable).



Thanks to David Vignoni for graphics and inspiration.

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